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There are many different ways that you might have injured your knee. Perhaps you overextended yourself during exercise, or experienced a fall. In some instances, the condition may be one that you have been dealing with for your entire life. Whatever the reason, when you enter our knee and joint recovery program, we can provide you with the necessary support to complete your recovery. No matter what you need to overcome your knee pain, we are here to get you the tools you need!

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At our knee and joint rehabilitation facility, we know that every one of our clients needs a special level of care. Depending on your situation, physiology, and experiences, you may require a particularized type of care. At our knee rehab center, we are completely committed to providing our clients with the treatment they need to heal. For that reason, every client who enters our knee recovery program will be provided with a customized care plan for complete and healthy recovery.

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Our Main Services

Manual Physical Therapy

When you first join us at our knee and joint rehab center, you’ll begin by sitting down with one of our specialists and going over your particular situation. During this intake interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your knee pain, how you came to experience the pain, and what you hope to accomplish by taking part in our knee recovery program. Our staff is professional, friendly, and experienced, so you’ll be able to feel completely comfortable as you go over the details of your situation.

Postural Assessments

During this intake interview, our knowledgeable experts will gather a plethora of details about you and your situation. Once we have learned as much information as possible, we’ll take a look at the big picture and determine exactly what you need in order to heal your knee. We recognize how difficult it can be for a client to find the care they need. Many clinics are filled with staff who are indifferent to the individual situation, or expect a one-size-fits-all treatment plan to work equally well for every client. At our knee recovery center, we know that every client is an individual, and as such, every client requires individual and customized treatment.

Running and Gait Analysis

At our knee rehab center, we’ll provide you with the tools and support necessary to begin the healing process. Get in touch with us today and find out more about what we can offer you!

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