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Here at our knee rehabilitation center, we can provide the proper physical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation for all types of joint injuries and conditions.

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Tullet Knee Rehabilitation is the premier health care company focused on delivering the highest quality care

Whether you got hurt while playing a sport, are having trouble with your knees in old age, or if you have recently encountered pain in your knee joints, our knee recovery facility can provide solutions you need to heal, rehabilitate, and return to your life without pain and discomfort.

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Why Choosing Us?

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Our facility doesn’t just make sure that our clients get on the right trajectory of healing, we guide them through the entire process.

Where we are

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Beginning first with assessment and intake, our specialists see how bad your pain is, what you can do with your knee, and what you need help to accomplish.

Our Mission

We will also take x-rays to ensure that any internal damage is assessed and treated accordingly. Our professionals and pain specialists will provide any necessary medication, but will stray away from addictive opioids and detrimental painkillers. With all of the variables sifted through and determined, our clients get started on the rehabilitation process.

Why trust Tullet Knee Rehabilitation?

Even if you have a condition that will never fully go away, we will make sure that your pain is handled in holistic and comprehensive ways while doing what is best for you to get the maximum amount of healing and rehabilitation. If your knee or joint injury isn’t fully rehabilitative, there is no reason to worry. We can show you how to live despite the inconvenience.

How we work

At our knee rehab center, we have activities to strengthen your bone and joints. Providing low-impact yoga classes and stretching exercises, every chance for you to fully rehabilitate and heal will be provided. Whether you are coming for inpatient knee therapy and treatment or if you are coming to our rehabilitation facility once a week, our professionals will get to know you and your injury or condition.

Our mission extends beyond the clinic and into the communities that we serve.

The professionals at our knee recovery clinic will determine carefully and deliberately if you will need any type of surgery.

Saving Your Knees

How to stay active with a natural knee.


Just like painkillers and opioids, we don’t take surgery lightly.


We understand how big of a deal this is and will avoid surgery if we do not think it is worth it for you in the long run.


Whatever is going on with your knee joints, our recovery center will personalize your treatment.


There are many ways your knees can get injured, we are here to help you to regain ability in your knee.

Tullett Knee Rehabilitation is the premier knee rehabilitation center focused on delivering the highest quality care

Your personal circumstance come into play quite a bit, believe it or not. When your knees are not in perfect shape, you will have inconveniences at every turn. Your home will need to be conducive when you are there with your injury. That is why many people choose to come to inpatient therapy and rehabilitation at our knee recovery facility.

Our mission extends beyond the clinic and into the communities that we serve.

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